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Livi® VPG Select Multifold Towels 1-ply 16pks/cs

Livi® VPG Select Multifold Towels 1-ply 16pks/cs

Introducing Livi® VPG Select Multifold Towels, the perfect addition to any commercial or business restroom. These mutlfitowels feature full, raised embossing which enhances the hand-feel, providing a luxurious drying experience for patrons. Not only do these towels feel great, but they also offer improved strength and increased absorbency, making them more effective at drying hands. With a greater base sheet weight, these towels have a higher drying capacity, ensuring that they last longer and provide a reliable drying solution for your facilities.

Size: 9.06" x 9.45"

Additional Information: 1-ply, 250 sheets, 16 packets per case

  • **Returns

    No returns on opened and/or damaged supplies. All items must be in original form.

  • **Delivery Only with Distance Restrictions

    Because we are a small company, at the moment we are only able to office delivery within a 10 miles radius of Pasadena, California. If you are unsure or would still like to inquire, please do so! We would love to see if we could help you out. Thank you!

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